Our services - your convenience

  • VISTGLOBAL helps international wholesale buyers and ensures the trading experience to be professional yet pleasant. We achieve this by helping our counterparts, clients, partners navigate through the communications, cultural and bureaucratic barriers with our experience and expertise.

  • We optimise and manage the factory ordering process and making large volume payment processes smooth and fast.

  • VISTGLOBAL has a workforce and an infrastructure in China and a network of people on the ground in South East Asia to source and perform customised search.

  • Our supplier list contains in excess of 400 suppliers of various consumer goods including technology, hydraulics and machinery parts, textile, shoes.
    VISTGLOBAL has been successfully trading since 2019. We specialise in Electronics, Textile, Mobile Phone Accessories, Computers and Peripherals and other everyday consumer products. Our suppliers are located in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
    Sourcing sometimes understood as looking up a seller on Alibaba and finding out their address. In fact 95% of Sourcing process begins after the supplier is found.
    This process maybe painful in the western world, however in China this pain gets to another level. The amount of information, suppliers and product variations within the same supplier is astonishing.

    We are constantly building our active supplier list. Currently we have relationships with over 400 factories and wholesalers that offer various products: electronics, phone accessories, textile, car parts, garments and shoes.

    We help businesses channel their multiple supplier purchases through one hub - VISTGLOBAL
    Supplier Verification
    All our suppliers undergo the rigorous verification process.
    This includes:

    • On-premises check
    • Documentation check and verification
    • Product and production line review
    Packaging is not a consideration to be ignored. It plays a vital role in the overall success of your import. Any product will be damaged or misrepresented without the appropriate and well made packaging.
    We have developed and constantly improving our packaging service to ensure our clients receive the final result of their venture as expected and without compromise.
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